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Mediate Health is a consultancy and communications company specializing in partnerships that improve healthcare delivery, knowledge and patient outcomes. Our extensive network of expertise makes us very flexible and able to provide a wide range of bespoke services. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand and interpret our clients’ needs and in being thorough in delivering effective tailored solutions.

In the field of healthcare delivery, Mediate works with providers and commissioners to explore the implications of the challenges confronting today’s health service, and find patient-centred solutions that will improve the productivity quality and cost efficiency of care. We also produce communication programmes that support and underpin these solutions. Where there are opportunities for collaboration with suppliers, we bring parties together to give projects maximum synergy within a neutral environment. For example, collaborative education initiatives that contribute to better standards of care, reduction in unplanned admissions, and health awareness can be developed to support these new services.

 Our services are designed to:

• Build insight into key issues

• Share best practice

• Harness skills and knowledge to greatest effect

• Support new service planning and development

• Maximize the effectiveness of new service models through education and training 


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